The Adopt a Patient program pairs volunteer dentists with patients who are in need of a course of dental care.

The practice adopts a patient throughout the course of treatment, with the specific treatments offered left entirely to the discretion of the practitioner. Patients are linked with a practice through a referral system facilitated by various charities. These organisations range from those aiding the homeless and individuals undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation to those supporting individuals affected by mental health issues, domestic violence, and beyond.

To give an idea of the extent of the program, in 2022-23, 1,395 patients referred for treatment with 113 practices Australia-wide offering pro bono dental care to people through 1,785+ appointments.

How to Volunteer

The ADA Dental Health Foundation plays a crucial role in facilitating pro bono dental care for individuals facing disadvantage in our communities through our Volunteer Programs.

Could you extend the gift of one course of treatment to an individual in need each year?

Our State Coordinators collaborate closely with local charities and non-profit organisations to identify individuals who would significantly benefit from enhanced oral health. Operating through a dedicated network of dental professionals nationwide, our volunteers generously contribute their time, expertise, and practice facilities to deliver essential treatment to referred patients. Supported by the generosity of our sponsors, practitioners can access complimentary laboratory services, and patients may be directed to specialised treatments as needed.

Participation can make a significant impact on the lives of those in our community who require essential dental care. For further details and to get involved please fill out and submit the form below, your state coordinator will then contact you.