Founded in 2016, the Rebuilding Smiles® program offers treatment to people who have been affected by domestic and/or family violence. While some patients may have experienced dental trauma, typically patients have ongoing oral health conditions related to their lack of dental treatment over time.

The program benefits from sponsorship and implant donations from Straumann Australia who have been actively involved since 2018, as well as sponsorship from Colgate and personal donations to the Rebuilding Smiles program.

 In 2022-23, 153 patients received pro bono treatment, delivered by volunteer practitioners who generously offered their time and expertise.  

How to Volunteer

The ADA Dental Health Foundation plays a pivotal role in facilitating pro bono dental care for individuals facing adversity in our communities through our Volunteer Programs. Our Rebuilding Smiles program extends support to those who have experienced domestic or family violence.

Our State Coordinators work closely with local charities and non-profit organisations to identify individuals who would greatly benefit from improved oral health. Operating through a dedicated network of dental professionals nationwide, our volunteers generously dedicate their time, expertise, and practice facilities to provide essential treatment to referred patients.

 With the generosity of our sponsors, practitioners gain access to complimentary laboratory services, and patients may be referred for specialised treatments as necessary. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of those in our community who require essential dental care.

For further details and to get involved please fill out and submit the form below, your state coordinator will then contact you.