The ADA Dental Health Foundation provides a range of scholarships and grants to empower the future careers of upcoming dental hygienists and oral health therapists of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, and in partnership with the Mars Wrigley Foundation, to provide funding for community based oral health projects delivered by dentists and dental students.

Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants

The ADA Dental Health Foundation and Mars Wrigley Foundation’s Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants program is a well-established initiative supporting dentists and dental students from across Australia who seek to improve oral health outcomes by providing screening, treatment, and education to those most in need.

Since 2011, the two Foundations have partnered to provide funding to support community-based oral health programs. The Grants are awarded to volunteer dentists and dental students, encouraging them to implement oral health community service, education and preventative care in some of the highest risk and most disadvantaged communities across Australia. 

The Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants program award US$82,000 (approx. AU$111,000) in grant funding to 10 worthy projects, all of which are committed to addressing inequity in dental care by delivering oral health services and education to underserved communities across Australia.

First Nations Grants

The ADA Dental Health Foundation First Nations Study Grants are available to students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background who are undertaking a course of study that will lead to registration as a Dental Hygienist or Oral Health Therapist. 

Since 2013 the ADA DHF have assisted undergraduate students and each year the ADA Dental Health Foundation offers up to four study grants, worth $5,000 each. 

The First Nations Study Grants offer students funding that may be used to cover costs of dental equipment and textbooks, and to financially support students while they are on placements or living away from home.

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